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Mr Sanju Unni

Managing Director

Mr Sanju Unni a graduate in Arts from Kerala , started as an entrepreneur at the age of 19 in the field of Plastic Industry. He shifted his business to Pune and was associated with supplies to companies like Hindustan Lever , L’Oreal, Amway etc. Since 2003 also started rendering Management Consultancy Services to the Small Medium Enterprises .Mr.Sanju Unni is working passionately towards bringing a paradigm shift in the education and child development Industry. The team of Brainx constitutes of dedicated Sales & Service teams, in-house counselors, Consultant Counselors, Professional Trainers, Professional Corporate Trainers, Advisory is consulting Panel of Doctors and Psychologists.

Company Profile

Next "Each child has full potential to develop as a successful and a happy human being; provided they get right environment and their talents are judiciously explored." Present education system and teaching methodologies rarely take into account the individuality of the child. The curriculum itself focuses more on the Left Brain enhancement rather than the holistic development of the complete brain. A number of development techniques exist currently but none of them have been able to provide significant results that can be measured and observed. Most of them focus on a particular aspect rather than carrying out holistic development of the Child. Brainx recognized these shortcomings and gaps between what is being done and what exactly needs to be done.Brainx is a Pune based organisation, established in 2010 with a Pan India presence and also spreading in the foreign countries.Brainx is the fastest growing company in the field of education and child development segment with thousands of happy parents.

Brainx ensures to uncover the raw potential in every talented individual, by employing their brain development programs and Intelligence identification programs with highly researched and proven techniques like DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test), CBI (Center Brain Ignition) commonly known as as midbrain activation, ROBOTICS, ABACUS etc. Brainx's primary goal is to assist Children in recognizing and discovering their inner genius and cultivate the potential of each child to the highest possible level and drive them to succeed in their future career and life too


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