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Your hands hold more than your future!

No, this is NOT about palmistry, the occult science. This is serious scientific talk. In fact, a lot of studies has gone behind mapping the fact that the palms of our hands and fingers, and their counterparts on the feet, i.e., the soles of the feet and underside of the toes. The ridges therein are said to be connected right down to the chromosomal level and have polygenetic influences! On the other side, the lobes of the brain are said to be reflected in one’s palm’s ridges. So to know what goes inside one’s mind, one needs to see the palms of the hands!

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All these developments start rather early in life. In fact, they start even before we come into this world- as early as 13-19 weeks of our being conceived! Of all our body parts, hands have always been held in higher esteem and said to indicate who we are and where we shall be. And not without reasons! Studies show that in excess of two million nerves from the brain end at the palm! Add to that the fact that fingerprints of each individual on the earth is distinct! What you then get is a highly personalized “report card” which tell you who you shall end up being!

It was Dr. Howard Gardner, a Developmental Psychologist from the Harvard Graduate School of Education at Harvard University in the US who over his continuing studies has discovered this phenomenon and brought it before the world calling it the Multiple Intelligence (MI).

It is thus possible to know with a high degree of accuracy the hows and whats of a child’s mental development and traits right from a very early age. You would know his or her inclination, likes and also the way they use their brains i.e., the right and left halves!