Learning Disability Check

Learning Disability Check

Learning disabilities are neurologically-based processing problems of the brain, in which way the Brain processes information. This can interfere with a child's basic Learning skills, such as Language - Reading and Writing which can further cause difficulties in specific Academic areas like Mathematics, Reasoning, Comprehension, Listening and Oral Expressions.As per the National Brain Research Center (NBRC) Report, it is found that 2 children out of every 10 suffer from learning disabilities. If not identified at early stage it can be a painful struggle for the Child as well as the Parents , hence an early detection and intervention of Learning Disabilities in the child is critical and important for comfortable academic progress.

Basic types of learning disabilities:

Dyscalculia: Dyscalculia is one of the major type of learning disability.Dyscalculia is a neurologically-based condition, where people facing problem in understanding numbers and maths concept. It affects a person's ability to understand maths concept, including Poor comprehension of maths symbols, problem in memorizing and organizing numbers, difficulty in telling time and date and may also have trouble with counting.

Dysgraphia: Dysgraphia is a specific learning disability which affects people's ability in writing and it can be language based and non-language based.The condition of dysgraphia includes difficulties with spelling, poor handwriting and writing letters in reverse.Early treatment can help to prevent or reduce the problem of Dysgraphia.

Dyspraxia: Dyspraxia is a brain based disorder with many names including developmental coordination disorder,motor learning difficulty and motor planning difficulty.Dyspraxia is a condition which makes people hard to coordinate physical movements like walking, jumping, balancing , mouth and tongue movement etc..Dyspraxia can affect social skills too.Occupational therap, speech therapy and physical therapy are the major remedial methods adopting for dypraxia condition.

Dyslexia:Dyslexia is commonly known as reading disability or reading disorder.Dyslexia is primarily associated with difficulty in reading but it also affects the ability in writing a spelling and even speaking. Most of the people with dyslexia are often highly creative in nature and there are many famous people who are affected with this disability. There are many effective remedial methods which can help help people from Dyslexia.

Sai Health Foundation with Brainx Learning & Educational Institute LLP has taken this initiative to identify and help children to overcome these Learning Difficulties with the help of Specially Designed Psychometric Test.

This test shall be conducted in the school during the school hours by the experts.

After this test is completed by the experts, the reports shall be generated and the parents shall be invited for the seminar on awareness of learning disabilities/difficulties in the school. The experts will share the information and remedial methods for these problems to help your child's academic progress.

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