Brainx CBI

Brainx CBI

Brainx-CBI also known as midbrain activation, is a scientifically designed Memory Enhancement Program of 3 months (Spread across 36 hours) for children within the age group of 5 to 14 years, which synchronizes the left brain with the right brain and enhances the power of the brain resulting into the increase in Concentration, Focus, Memory Retention, Creativity, Reading & Writing Ability And Confidence Etc…


  • No self-initiation for studies by children.
  • No concentration, Can't sit in One place.
  • Watching television for long time.
  • Addiction to computer games and mobiles.
  • Low self Esteem & Lack of CONFIDENCE.
  • Emotional Imbalance & Difficulty in decision making.
  • Stress due to competition .
  • Peer Pressure & Parental Pressure.
  • No sharing of feelings with their parents.
  • Fear of failure, which holds them back .


  • Midbrain activation Develops Concentration, so
    children can Learn Faster.
  • Stabilizes hyper activeness in children.
  • Boosts Up Memory to recall when required.
  • Increased Creativity level leads to Focus on Solutions.
  • Enhances ability to use Left & Right brain in TANDEM.
  • Increase in SELF-CONFIDENCE of children.
  • Improves Gross and Fine Motor Skills.
  • Efficiency in Learning and Absorption of Information.
  • ENHANCES Reading and Writing SKILLS.
  • Hormonal balance leads to better Health.


  • 36 hour workshop for 3 months.
  • Activation workshop 8 hours x 2 full days
  • Stabilization follow up 2 hours x 10 weekends


  • (Brain Gym exercise, Eyeball exercise,
    Finger exercise, Music Therapy, Dance & Meditation)

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