Brainx DMIT

Brainx DMIT

Brainx DMIT is a unique & scientific technology to identify the inborn potential of skills, abilities and talents of a person using the science of Dermatoglyphics (Scientific Finger Print Analysis) and the theory of Multiple Intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardner (Harvard University).Brainx DMIT along with personalized professional counseling will not only give the idea about the strengths, areas of improvement and opportunities but also provide remedial suggestions to improve the weakness and explore hidden potential of your child.


  • Each child has unique set of qualities which most of
    the parents can't identify.
  • Parents do not want the child to miss anything that
    they have missed in their childhood.
  • Parents want to give more to their children.
  • Comparison with other children builds up peer pressure .
  • Parents use trial and error method to find out the areas
    of interest in the child.
  • Parents are confused while selecting the right stream
    and career for their children.
  • After putting extra efforts the child doesn't score
    well in some subjects.
  • Don't know how to handle child's emotion.


  • Identify the strength & Hidden talent of your Child.
  • Identify the learning obstacles and the weaker
    intelligence of your child.
  • Identify natural learning style of your child to give
    stress free learning.
  • Boosts child's self-confidence and strengthen
    parental bonds.
  • Minimizes time and financial commitments on
    unnecessary courses.
  • Provide your child with a happy childhood.
  • Select the career based on the comfort zone of an
    individual with the use of Brainx DMIT and scientific
    career counseling.


  • Fingerprints to be scanned
  • Report is generated
  • Counseling with Parents

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